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Stud Indicator
Stud Indicator
Razz Starting Hand Point System
(from the book "Play Razz Poker to Win" by Mitchell Cogert)
Here is an useful point system to give you an edge in playing the first three cards dealt to you in Razz. Follow the five steps below as it will properly value the strength of your hand given the cards exposed on board, your position in the hand, and the betting action taken by your opponents. It works!
  • Assign the following points to your hand using the chart below:
    3 cards to a: Points
    5 low 10 points
    6 9
    7-4 8
    7-5 7
    7-6 6
    8-4 6
    8-5 5
    8-6 4
    8-7 3
    9 2
    10 or higher low 0 points

  • Add or subtract points based on the exposed cards on board:
    Each duplicate card to your hand: +1 point
    Each card needed to make your hand: -1 point
  • Subtract points based on the action of your opponents:
    Each call of the bring-in bet: - 1 point
    Each raise of the bring-in bet: -2 points
  • Subtract -1 point for each player who has a low card after your potential action in a hand.

  • Stud Indicator will display "N/A" if you have a pair or trip in your starting hand.

  • Total the points and act as follows:
    If the total points are: Recommended Actions
    5 or more points Raise or Re-raise
    1 to 4 points If first in the hand, raise. If you follow a call, raise to get heads up. If you follow a raise, call.
    0 to negative points Fold

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